5th Wheel Campers

The 5th Wheel Camper; A Review

Instead of booking that swank hotel room, you can always just tow it right behind you. Beyond the expected amenities like air conditioning and indoor plumbing, the 5th wheel camper comes fully equipped with kitchen appliances, a full-size pantry, and some of the more luxurious models even come with a snack bar. The bedroom space boasts a king-size bed and up to three pull-out sofas that will invite friends and family members you didn’t even know you had to summer with you on the open road. What separates the 5th wheel from other recreational vehicles is its garage area. Larger haulers have a solid wall and a sealed door where you can store all of the mechanical equipment and dirty hiking shoes, keeping your living area cozy, warm, and inviting.

If you are interested in purchasing 5th wheelers, there are some important factors to consider. First, these rigs require a specific kind of hitch to connect to your vehicle. As the bigger models can often exceed 17,000lbs, you’ll want to own a vehicle that can tow that weight. And while the hitch itself is easy to connect, it’s the type of hitch that attaches to the middle of the bed of a pick-up, much like the ones you see on 18-wheelers.  If you don’t have experience driving vehicles that heavy or that large, you may want to take some time to practice before you put any money down. High winds and large, fast cars on a free can send this camper toppling if you aren’t careful. Even driving through towns and neighborhoods will call for some tricky maneuvering. The 5th wheel specific hitch will minimize theses stressors, but towing this luxury camper will keep you on your toes.

Secondly, as can be expected due to their size and amenities, 5th wheel campers can run as the most expensive RVs on the market. Of course, if you prefer road trips and outdoor travel, this will be a wise investment. Touring the countryside, nature reserves, and national parks are all possible with a 5th wheeler, and you will be able to comfortably fit a large party of friends and family to make an exciting road trip a reality. Ask yourself what kind of vacation you want to take this summer and if the 5th wheel camper will be able to meet those expectations.

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