Camper Values

The Value of Your Used Camper

If you are looking to sell your RV, it is best to do a little research online and in recommended automotive guides in order to determine the value of your camper so that you can get a reasonable return on your investment by offering a fair price. One of your best resources for doing this is online at the NADA website

Starting your research is as easy as entering your zip code. The website will factor in the contemporary market behavior in our vicinity, providing you with the most accurate price possible. From here, search for your camper by manufacturer, year, and model. NADA’s database includes values from all the way back to the 1970s, so the odds of you finding your model on their site are very high.

With the next steps, you will narrow down the features and amenities of your particular RV. Use the checkboxes to mark which features your camper possesses, such as air conditioning, sleeping space, utility options, and any other features you may have purchased or added onto the vehicle. If you have a gas engine, be sure to enter the mileage, but if your camper is a tow-along this step is unnecessary.

Once you have entered all of the pertinent information, NADA will generate three different values regarding your vehicle. The “Suggested List Price” is the highest amount and is only relevant to brand new campers. You want to focus on the “Average Retail Value” as this price reflects a realistic value on a used RV with normal wear, tear, and miles on it. If your camper is damaged, do not be deterred. You still have the option to sell, and NADA provides the “Low Retail Value” to give you options on realistic prices involving recreational vehicles in need of repair.

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