Comparison Between Cheap Campers Vs Camping in Tents

by admin on July 15, 2013

The two are good options for a camping trip, but its appropriateness to the situation is the one which defines which you should take.

Camping using tents is the best choice for individuals who do not plan on staying in one place during the trip such as when they plan on moving from one point to another. It is a way for other to explore more about nature; to learn more from it. And sometimes it can be the best way to spend your day camping.

The tent is ideal for this kind of camping experience because it can be kept and set-up according to your liking. In addition, since it can be kept in your backpack, you can go through the forest or any part with a very narrow pathway with ease. This may be the advantage of tent camping compared to a cheap camper. You will be able to experience nature’s true beauty first hand.

The Advantages of Camping in Tents

You become closer to nature, and it is not just the fact that you are lying on the ground most of the time. As a matter of fact, that in itself thrills camping enthusiasts worldwide. However, if you were used to sleeping on very soft and comfortable mattresses when you were in the comforts of your humble abode, sleep may escape you. Sleeping on the ground does not bother those who are used to it, and sometimes, they are more comfortable sleeping on it.

The possibility of danger is present all around. This may not sit in well with people who are very concerned with regards to safety. But to those who live for danger, they would welcome it with open arms.

The highest danger that could be presented to you is the fact that there is not much of insulation when you are using a tent. The temperature could spike up or down anytime. This may be particularly dangerous when winter is looming over the horizon. So, it may be wise to avoid camping when it is nearing that time of the year because snow can still fall no matter how reliable your source say that it won’t.

In addition, you are also more prone to any attack from any wild animal that could be out there. So, it is still a good time to take precautionary measures whenever possible. It may also be good to have someone with you; never go out camping alone.

The ones we most fear are those which are not that much of a threat in accordance to its size. These are the spiders and snakes. At times, they are too close for comfort. But this can be avoided by making sure that all possible openings around the tent are tightly sealed. Most of us would list this down as a disadvantage, but the thrill may change your mind especially to those who loves adrenaline pumping through their veins.

The Drawback of Camp Tenting

It is basically a piece of cloth or a tough material which you set-up using pieces of wood hammered to the ground. This basically does not provide any kind of protection for anyone who is involved. It can easily destroyed by big animals.

In addition, you cannot bring so much because of the limited space that it provides especially that you only have a back pack to carry it around. And you might miss out on some utilities that may be necessary in case of any emergencies.

The Campers and Recreational Vehicles

This one is a no brainer. It provides you with the best kind of protection with the use of doors and a hard frame, no matter what time of the day it will provide with the best protection against any kind of animal that is out there. Moreover, it also protects you from any kind of weather due to sufficient insulation. It may also have an air conditioning unit that will help you cool off during the hot days.

This kind of camping can also bring a lot of essentials that you may not worry about anything that you may leave behind because you can load on anything; literally anything. You will be able to load other things that can put a mix with the kind of adventure that you may have.

Ultimately, it can give you the best family camping experience that you may ever have in a long time.


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