Crashed Cars For Sale

Buying Crashed Cars

Just because a vehicle has experience an accident does not mean it is entirely worthless. If you are knowledgeable in car value and repairs, buying a crashed car may be a wise investment. Insurance companies and salvage yards sell wrecked vehicles for cheap to anyone that wants them, usually in an auction style sales yard. Even though the vehicle itself may be destroyed, the surviving parts can be used for other vehicles, and I you are the type who is in the market to rebuild old cars, this is a ripe opportunity for you to score some pieces and parts at a discount price. You just need to be aware that you are buying a vehicle from a salvage yard, and this entails specific paperwork regarding the vehicle’s accident history that you will need to make sure you receive at the time of purchase.

When looking to buy a crashed car, find a local vehicle auction at a junkyard or dealership. Many larger cities work with insurance companies who contract with their wrecking yards to help dispose of wrecked vehicles. You can typically find a nearby auction location online or in the phonebook. If you know anyone at an auto body shop, they may be able to point you in the right direction. It always helps to know someone as they may know of special deals going on at specific auctions. Especially if the auction is closed to be public, being on the in with an auto mechanic may get you on the inside of some pretty good deals. No guarantees though.

Once you find an auction, determine what price you are willing to pay for the product. You should have a general idea of what you are looking for or what parts you need regarding a project you may be working on. With this in mind, you are less likely to be swayed by the different automobiles up on the auction block. Do not get distracted and stick to your auction plan and budget. Often, before the auction begins, customers are able to inspect the vehicle. You will want to complete as thorough of inspection as you can. Bring along a mechanic if you are unsure of any hidden damages, as some vehicles may be more banged up than they appear. This inspection will prevent you from being blind-sided by unknown injuries the car has experienced and will keep you cognizant of what you’re getting into with your wrecked car purchase.

If this is the item you’re interested in, place a bid, but don’t go over your budge if other customers get competitive. It’s a salvage yard, and there will plenty more opportunities if you miss out on yours today. It is always good to have some back-up choices as well, in case your first choice has too many bids on it. Second and third options will keep you from getting too caught up in the auction atmosphere. You don’t want to make any ridiculous bids your wallet can’t cash.

Once you win your bid, you will be required to fill out some paperwork and pay before you can take the car home. If the car isn’t drivable, which is very likely, you may have to pay for the cost to have it towed to your home, which is something to remember when you are drawing up your budget and placing your bids. As you are filling out the paperwork, this is when you want to be sure to collect all the necessary titles for the wrecked car, including the salvage title, which will be necessary if you want to resell the vehicle once you’ve repaired it.

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