Fema Trailers For Sale

Buying a FEMA Trailer

In order to better serve survivors of natural disasters, the Federal Emergency Management Agency purchased a large quantity of trailers in a variety of makes, models, and features. In order to reduce the bulk of their ownership, FEMA has developed a plan to auction off these vehicles on a government funded website. In 2008, FEMA sold over 1100 units, and in 2009 the next phase of their sale began. In May of 2009, the auctioning of trailers that were in need of repairs began. FEMA owns 14,000 mobile homes and over 100,000 trailers in various states of disrepair. If you are in the market for a trailer or motor home, buying one of these used and in an auction may save you a great deal of money. You will just need to be knowledgeable of recreational vehicle values and consciously aware of the extent of the repairs required.

If you are interested in purchasing one of FEMA’s vehicles, visit the U.S. General Services Administration website and register to bid at www.gsaauctions.com. This is the website federally approved by the government to auction off excess government supplies and vehicles, so rest assured that your credit card and contact information are safe when you log in to register. You will be asked to set up an account with a username and password in order to access the site, and although registration is free, the website will hold your credit card number on its database for verification and easy bidding. If you are part of a service industry or non-profit organization bidding on a trailer, you can bypass the auction altogether by contacting someone at your local State Agency for Surplus Property.

As a private buyer, you will have to participate in the bidding process. Before you place any bids you will need to evaluate the trailer for damages and assess the cost of repairs. Because of the state of their use, many of these trailers may suffer from severe water damage, roof damage, or window damage due to standing in storm conditions for long periods of time. It is best if you perform this inspection in person, and enlisting the eyes of a mechanic will better help you understand the full extent of the damage if you are not knowledgeable in the realm of auto machinery. Be aware that FEMA trailers do not come with water or septic tanks, which will be another cost you will have to consider if installation of either of these two items is something you’ll require.

Again, before you bid, you should assess your own budget and requirements. These recreational vehicles do not run cheap and are considered long-term investments. If you are someone who enjoys outdoor travel and long road trips, owning a travel trailer will pay off in the long run. If you intend on towing your new trailer, make sure you have a vehicle that is capable of this feat. Check your owner’s manual to find out what the towing capacity of your truck or SUV is, if any, and make sure you know how to drive a vehicle with a tow-along. It can be an interesting experience to the untrained driver.

When you decide on a budget, choose a vehicle, and complete your inspection, you can start bidding. Online auctions work just like regular auctions, but often at a slower pace. Some auctions may last for days, others for hours, so check on your trailer regularly if you are really serious about purchasing it. If you win the bid, you will be contacted by a GSA representative. As you make your purchase, ask for the “Usable Travel Trailer Certificate” which the GSA is required by law to give to any new buyer confirming that FEMA vehicles are not intended for long-term living. This means that you cannot live in your FEMA trailer permanently. It is for travel and recreational use only.

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