Fleetwood Travel Trailers

Fleetwood Homes Travel Trailers

As a once prominent name in recreational vehicle manufacturing, Fleetwood Homes offers an array of travel trailers that are equipped for your unique travel needs. Fleetwood Homes filed for bankruptcy in 2009 due to stubborn sales in a difficult economy, but the brand name still stands as one of the strongest guarantees in trailer travel. Their series of folding trailers offers spacious living accommodations, including full kitchens, full bathrooms, gas ovens, and stereo systems, that expand after travel. The types of folding trailers Fleetwood Homes features are two-fold: family-oriented with larger accommodations include the Destiny, Americana, and Highlander series, while the sportier, off-road series are the Scorpion and Evolution.

Even though the company is under bankruptcy and has halted production of travel trailers, they still manufacture limited edition RVs for long-distance road travel and outdoor camping. Fleetwood Home RVs come in Class A or Class C models, and run on both diesel and gas, giving you options in your highway travels. One of their more popular brands is the American series, and the following descriptions should help you narrow down your choices if you are in the market to buy from this popular, now almost extinct, manufacturer. If you are in the market for an RV, read carefully and compare the specs of each model – the Eagle, the Tradition, and the Revolution – so you can be sure to find the one that will fit your needs.

American Tradition 42M
This is the largest of the American models, reigning in at almost 43 feet long and 13 feet 2.3 inches high, and it can expand to a width of 102 inches. As is expected, the interior is also quite large, with spacious 84 inches by 96 inches living accommodations. The water tanks are top of the line, with a 100 gallon holding tank for fresh water, 60 gallons for black water, and 40 gallons for gray. The fuel tank is one of the most efficient, holding nearly 150 gallons of gas, and the engine and six-speed transmission comes with two horsepower options – 425 of 450.

American Eagle 42M
Coming in as the middle-weight contender, the American Eagle is nearly 43 feet long but is 13 feet .5 inches high, being dwarfed by the Tradition by a couple of inches. The interior is just as spacious, and its water-storing capacity just as large, with 100 gallon, 60 gallon, and 40 gallon tanks for fresh, black, and gray water respectively. The Eagle’s gas tank will also hold 150 gallons, but what makes this model stand apart is its engine options. You can choose the 8.9 liter engine for 425 or 450 horsepower, but you can also upgrade to the 10.8 liter engine, giving you 500 horsepower. The Eagle also comes equipped with a stackable washer and dryer unit, which may come in handy on the longer road trips.

American Revolution 42Q
The Revolution is the tiniest model in the American series, coming in at nearly 43 feet long and 12 feet 11.8 inches high. Even though it is not nearly as tall as the Eagle or Tradition models, its interior still expands to over 100 inches and the living space equals the 84 by 96 inches seen in its American brothers. It possesses the same size water tanks, gas tanks, and its 8.9 liter engine will take you to 450 horsepower on any American highway.

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