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Wildwood Travel Trailers from Forest River RV

Founded in 1996 by Peter Liegl, Forest River has been producing fine recreational vehicles for nearly 20 years. Based out of Indiana, Forest River RV manufactures all classes of RVs, campers, and trailers as well as boats, buses, and portable office spaces for businesses and schools. As the company has yet to experience the adverse effects of today’s economic uncertainty, road travelers and campers alike continue to enjoy the luxurious offerings of Forest River RV. The company itself has expanded up the east coast and into cities in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Ohio, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Forest River also offers a website for internet shopping and deals to online customers. From their website, you can find local dealerships in your area that feature Forest River’s models, and you can use Forest River’s website as a research point when you are investigating specs and prices of various models. They act as a great point to compare and contrast different offers across state lines as the market varies based on local trends.

During your research and shopping experience, you may come across the Wildwood brand of travel trailer. In 2010, Forest River started manufacturing this series of trailer and toy hauler. There are three types in the trailer class – Travel, Lodge, and Heritage Glen, and two in the toy class – XL and Sport. Of these five options, each has its own benefits depending on what you are expecting in your road travels and camping experience.

When it comes to the travel trailer, Forest River produces both a standard and a deluxe edition. There are 13 models in the standard class, ranging in weights between 7660lbs and 11,150lbs. Each comes with an awning that can range anywhere from 18 feet to 21 feet, with the awning on the Standard 26TBSS being 16 feet. Out of all 13, only three have a carrying capacity of under 4000lbs, meaning that the storage and towing capabilities of these vehicles is high. For the deluxe (or DLX) models, Forest River manufactures six of them. They weigh anywhere between 11,070lbs and 13,185lbs, and each comes with an awning of 21 feet in length. Out of the six, only the 422-2B has the largest cargo capacity of 3,016. The rest can store up to 2500lbs.

The Wildwood Lodge series comes in two versions: the Standard Lodge trailer and the Grand Lodge trailer. The six Standard varieties range in weights of 11,400lbs to 13.385lbs with awnings reaching 21 feet in length, just like the DLX trailer. But unlike the DLX model, the cargo capacity on the Standard Lodge can carry up to 18,000lbs, while the smallest 403FB can only carry 2255lbs. The Grand Lodge only comes in two models, the 408FLFB and the 408LOFT. Their weights are 13,470lbs and 13,516 respectively, but each come with an awning of 25 feet. But because of their large living space, their storage capacities are only 2536lbs and 1256lbs respectively. These are still great weights, but it will be a factor in considering what you are packing, especially if you intend to travel with a lot of guests.

There are 12 versions of the Wildwood Heritage Glen series with an average weight class of 11,000lbs and towing capacities of over 3500lbs. Given the average weight, the fifth-wheeler versions of Heritage Glen and weigh in anywhere from 1060lbs all the way up to 12,415lbs, so if you are in the market for this vehicle, it will be up to you to decide which size is the best fit for your vacation. The awnings on these vehicles also range in size, with half coming with awnings of 16, 18, or 21 feet in length and the other half having awnings  of 18, 20, or 21 feet in length.

The XL and Sport toy haulers offered by Wildwood are each unique in their own way. The four models of the Sport series – 26FBSRV, 27SRVS, 29FBSRV, and 32SRV – come with cargo capacities of 4012lbs, 4000lbs, 3402lbs, and 3626lbs respectively. The weigh on average 11,000lbs, but the 32SRV comes in heavy at 14,040lbs. The XL options also come in a range of weights and storage sizes, but the two main options are the Lite and the Standard. As you can probably guess, the Lite versions weigh a bit less, ranging in at anywhere between 10,815 and 11,540lbs, while the Standard weigh larger than the Sport models at an average of 17,000lbs.

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