Four Wheel Drive RVs

Four Wheel Drive RVs

For the more adventurous camper in all of us, modern RV manufacturers and production companies have been developing more and more models that are capable of off-roading in rough terrain with four wheel drive. Back in the day, the only way one could off-road in their camper was to purchase a large towing vehicle with four wheel drive capacity and affix it with a camper that could keep up. Now, Class C motor homes are being built on heavy duty truck chasses to ensure four wheel drive capabilities. Reaching those out-of-the-way campsites is no longer a struggle, and you can avoid the fear of getting stuck in dangerous roads with the reassurance of four wheel drive. The strength of these campers is unsurpassable, and you will be able to tough out the extreme road conditions.

You can purchase a four wheel drive camper from companies like Host and Xplorer in a variety of models and sizes, from smaller rigs to larger models that resemble the travel trailers we are familiar seeing on the highway. The Sportsmobile Corporation has developed its own models that look like vans, and Earthroamer has an open-body pick-up truck model that is truly unique. Whichever size or model you choose, each of these four wheel drive trailers come equipped with the features and amenities you’ve come to expect from luxury motor homes. They boast fully functioning bathrooms and kitchens, as well as entertainment centers and one or more slide-outs to make your travel living space truly spacious.

Depending on which model you choose, some may come with generators for power when you off-road to truly desolate campsites. In fact, Xplorer makes models that come fully self-sufficient, with diesel heating, cooking, and electricity generating capabilities. These models reduce the potential dangers of propane use by pulling from the campers own diesel supply. These campers allow for long-term camping in secluded areas, which is ideal if you are a hunter or fisher looking for those truly one-of-a-kind locations free from crowds and large families.

If you are interested in purchasing a model camper capable of four wheel drive, be warned that they are pretty expensive. As they are not in high demand and are therefore not produced as often as normal campers, these models are rare and the selection is limited. What is available is pretty impressive, but you will be working with high numbers when it comes to designing a budget plan. They can be well over $100.000, depending on the features you are looking for. Even the van models by Sportsmobile ranges in the $75,000 range, meaning you will need to be willing to invest in long-term use of these vehicles. But if you are one of the outdoors types who spends a majority of their time on the road, camping, or in otherwise traveling all over, then these vehicles can be seen as a healthy investment. Four wheel campers are the ticket to truly unique camping experiences, and your vacation will be stress free as you can rely on your camper to get you where you long to be and sustain you comfortably during your time there.

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