How You Should Insulate a Pop Up Camper

by admin on July 14, 2013

A pop up camper is the most ideal vehicle when you are an enthusiast of camping. It is cheap yet very efficient when it comes to performance and fuel economy. Again, it is the most traditional way to travel to any camping outing or when you like to introduce yourself to the camping world. It has a lot of leverage and with the innovations that are being incorporated; it has a lot more to offer.

In spite of the many advantages that a pop up camper has to offer, it has one feature that is not there; it may be safe to not call it a feature. It can drive you away and second guess getting a pop up camper. Campers can cause so much discomfort especially if you consider the changing weather.

Its roof can protect you from the rain as easy as it is easy for us to breath. The pop up campers doors will keep you safe from any animal that try to get into your vehicle. But it cannot protect you from the changes in the weather and most especially the temperature.

During the hot summer days, the inside becomes like an oven which can be attributed to the heat being magnified by the windows. On the cold fall and winter season, the inside becomes like a freezer because the heat escapes the windows easily. It may just be good to replace the windows, but that would cost too much. Nonetheless, such a problem can still be remedied by insulating the camper. It is cheap and an essential means to keep you comfortable regardless of what season you go out camping.

To start off the insulating, you should measure all the windows. This is essential in order to make sure that no material will wasted or so that you will not be short of what is needed.

Next is to cut pieces of Astro Foil sized according to the measurements that you had during the measuring phase. Astro Foil is a material which is covered on both sides with insulation. It is covered with a protective covering in order to protect the ones who handle them and the owner of the camper from any unnecessary insulation exposure which can be very harmful.

Astro Foil can be used order through their official website which makes ordering one hassle free. But if you want to go out and experience the open air once in a while, these products can be found in any home supply stores which offers camper retailing.

With the use of duct tape, secure the Astro Foil insulation on the window frames. The window with insulation which faces the sun keeps from any unwanted sun rays to enter the vehicle’s vicinity. It keeps the heat out but still keeps enough heat to not make you cold.

This time, measure the roof and the interior walls of the pop up camper. After which, using the measurements of the roof and walls, cut long strips with the same measurements as the ones who had for the roof and the walls. You may double up the amount of Astro Foil insulation if you feel like it should be. The areas where you think heat can enter and escape easily should be tripled if needed. This may be applicable at the corners, just to be sure.

To ascertain its strength of staying up on the wall and the roof, you may bear holes on the Astro Foil insulation and tie them up together. Remember to make sure that it is tightly tied together.

Place the insulation on the walls and the roof after. To make sure that it can be removed easily when you do not need it yet, you may use duct tape or clamp the areas where the foils are tied to each other.

The insulation of the roof and the walls can keep you warm during the cold seasons. So, this is a must in a camper.

Double insulating the material can also prevent condensation of the foil by preventing moist air from the outside in merging from the cold air inside. This technique keeps the warmth inside the camper.

You should also be prepared to have insulating blankets inside the camper when the weather is cold. This will help you in keep 2/3 of your body heat, warming you up.

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