Jayco Pop-up Campers

If you are in the market for a camper, the pop-up model may be the best fit for you. Coming in a variety of sizes with a variety of features and amenities, pop-up campers are popular for their light weight and their ability to be towed by any full size sedan, SUV, or pick-up truck. Their heavy-duty canvas and metal exteriors will protect you and your travel guests from inclement weather, and their spacious living quarters will make any and all camping adventures that much more comfortable.

Their convenient price also fits most popular budgets as they only cost anywhere between $5000 and $10,000. You can even consider renting a pop-up camper for one-time trips. You can choose a more expensive option, which will benefit you with a fully function bathroom and shower as well as a kitchen with full cooking capabilities. The more money you spend will also guarantee you more living space, with the expensive models of pop-up campers coming with the option to fold-out your space to accommodate more sleeping arrangements if necessary. If you do not wish to spend more than you need, even the less expensive models will comfortably fit a family of four. The basic pop-up models come with two fold-outs for extra space, while the main living space houses the dinette, kitchen with refrigerator and cooking area, as well as extra space for storage.

As you begin to look around for pop-up campers, it’s safe to do some comparison shopping online as well as in person. Cross-checking with a variety of websites, private sellers, and dealerships will ensure that you pay a fair price for a fair value on a pop-up camper. When you’re shopping around, keep in mind that you will have to buy a hitch in order to tow the pop-up along with you. Although they are not too expensive (most come for under $500), it is another expense to consider when you are drawing up your budget plan.

When it comes to pop-up campers, Jayco is a brand you should definitely consider taking a look at. They offer a variety of models, and one is sure to meet your travel needs. The following is a description of the different models under the Jayco title to help you in your research and hopefully in narrowing down your choice to a final decision.


Jayco pop-up trailers can range from 1835lbs to 3850lbs with storage capacities ranging from 865lbs to 1070lbs. But when it comes to the pop-up models you need to consider the hitch weight. Hitch weight relates to the weight distribution between the camper and the towing vehicle, and you do not want to exceed this weight lest you experience some serious swaying on the highway or even a break in your hitch that can be dangerous as well as costly. Rest assured, the hitch weights on Jayco models are reasonable, with the weight on the smaller vehicles being 140lb and the weight on larger ones being 375lbs.


The smallest model of Jayco pop-up campers comes with only one 10 gallon tank for freshwater. The next size up carries a tank for 23 gallons of freshwater with the option for a water heater. The larger models, like any other travel trailer, hold the three tanks necessary for freshwater, black water, and gray water.


The living accommodations of Jayco pop-up campers are surprisingly spacious. The interior heights of these models range from anywhere between 51 to 69 inches high, and the smallest model can extend to over 19 and a half feet long when fully opened on the campsite. The larger Jayco models come to a little over 24 feet long when fully extended. In fact, depending on the floorplan you choose, you can sleep up to eight people comfortably in your pop-up camper.

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