Reason Why You Should Consider a Pop up Camper

by admin on July 14, 2013

A pop up camper may not be the best option when you love to go to high end hotels because they do not offer the same amenities. But going to such places is not very practical if you go out on camping. It is a waste of money and it defeats the purpose.

The pop up camper, as what was said earlier, may not offer the same amenities, but they do have a few advantages for those who are enthused into camping, for families out to camp, and most especially hunters.  And there are certain reasons why they are still in the market in spite of the five star hotels popping out in different areas.

But there are a lot of vehicles which can be used outdoors with the same advantage over hotels. When you are second guessing which among the different mobile homes available in the market is best when camping, a pop up camper wins for the following reasons.

The first reason is its affordability. The pop up campers are a level higher compared to tents and sleeping bags commonly used during camping and a little bet of a letdown compared to other recreational vehicles. So, it is in the middle of the two; still a good option then. In addition, pop up campers also provides most of the amenities which you can find from home. For this reason, families prefer to choose this recreational vehicle over the others. And even the higher end models of pop up campers are still within reach in terms of affordability.

Its sleeping accommodations are not something to be laughed about. Considering an average sized camper can make at least four people feel comfortable. It has two beds across from each other, and if you want, you may also sleep on the sofa, if your pop up camper has one. The larger pop up campers can accommodate more than four people. There are also pop up campers which offer an incentive of privacy for the ones who are living in it.

It has a feel of the outdoors which is the reason why went out for a camping. The feel when inside a pop up camper is like being in a cooped up recreational vehicle but with more nature in it. You’re view is not confined to four walls of a vehicle, unless of course you decide to go out. The sun screens and a porch may have helped in highlighting this feature of a pop up camper. Basically, it is like real camping without the fact that you have to sleep on the ground. It is a recreational vehicle without the negation of nature that surrounds you.

Pop up campers also allows you to choose from different options. In short, it allows you to choose the features that you would like in order to still have the amenities intact, all the while not sacrificing the feel of the outdoors. If the whole camping experience with a pop up camper is all about the amenities of home, it defeats the purpose of camping outside.

It is very handy for different kinds of cars to tow it along. It is very lightweight which is why it is very easy to maneuver. The added advantage of this vehicle is that it has less resistance because it does not show itself while running through the highway. This will lessen the use of fuel while getting more mileage. The burden that the car is on is lessened. The need to buy huge tow trucks is eliminated.

Pop up campers are also very easy to set up. It just needs a flick of a switch or a press of a button, and it will start to set itself up. There may be added steps for the finished look, but basically, you get the point.

It is also easily stored anywhere. If not in use, it can easily return to its flat formation inside the canvass. This will allow you to keep it in the garage or in the backyard especially in areas where campers are not allowed for a very long time.

It may not be for everyone’s use, but it is the best option for those who are newcomers in the world of camping.

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