Small Camping Trailers

Camping with Small Trailers

If you’re looking for a different way to spend your summer vacation, consider camping. We don’t mean the kind in a tent where you get eaten alive by bugs or freeze in the early morning chill in the wilderness. You can avoid these unpleasantries by investing in a small tow trailer for camping with family and friends. These spacious campers provide all the amenities you expect in a hotel while you enjoy hunting, fishing, or simply enjoying the company of your friends outdoors.

The camper also offers an enclosed, private space which you cannot find in a tent, often making for a more pleasurable outdoor experience. This privacy works two-fold, as it will protect you from bad weather as well as large crowds or nosy neighbors. If you intend to use your camper more than once a year, you will inevitably save the money you would otherwise spend on hotels on the road.

For your comfort, the variety of models available come equipped with fully functioning bathrooms and kitchens, with the smaller models offering enough sleeping space for 2-3 people amid the spacious living quarters. Most models come with a stove, refrigerator, and enough storage space for supplies and necessities, letting you avoid the headache of trying to squeeze everything you want to bring into a suitcase. In fact, some models boast entertainment centers and satellite dishes, making your outdoor experience that much more home-like. Now, as tow-along models typically do not have their own water or power supply, do not get discouraged.

Modern campgrounds come with these fixtures, and your trailer will come with hook-ups for water, electricity, and sewage, providing you with a stress-free vacation. The energy you save by simply plugging into a campground instead of pitching a tent will be worth it. Just make sure you do a safety inspection before you head out. Check your tire pressure and make sure the hitch is secure. In order to avoid any accidents or dangerous incidents, make sure your personal vehicle is capable of towing a trailer of this size so that you do not get stuck or otherwise hurt yourself or others on the highway or on the campgrounds.

Before you purchase your own trailer, it is important to do some research into the prices, values, and different features offered by the different models that are available to you. In fact, once you decide on a budget and a model, consider renting it first to see if you actually enjoy the experience. This will give you practice in towing a vehicle if you haven’t done so before, and it will familiarize yourself with the different ins and outs of owning and operating a recreational vehicle.

By renting first, you will know what size will best accommodate your vacation expectations. You’ll know how many people you want to bring versus how many will travel comfortably, and you’ll be able to ascertain how much time you will actually spend camping if you decide to invest in a small trailer. If this is your first, or one of your first few times camping, consider renting a pop-up trailer for a better experience as these models are smaller and easier to maneuver and operate.

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