Teardrop Campers

Information about Tear Drop Trailers

Back when there were still now recreational vehicles and fifth wheel trailers which gained popularity in the later portion of the 20th century, there were tear drop trailers. They were overshadowed by the two which were previously mentioned. But it has gained traction recently and it has become popular yet again.

Its Features

The tear drop trailer basically has a queen size mattress which can accommodate up to two adults. However, the inside can be modified in order to install a bunk bed for a child to be accommodated as well. This flexibility in the accommodation of an extra person is very important because we may never know when an extra body comes in to the family. You can never always lock them up elsewhere or carry them around. Sooner or later thy will grow up and they may need a bed of their own.

The kitchen is something to admire as well. It is located at the rear end of the trailer where it can be folded out when you are about to use it. It has its won stove where you can cook your own food, a sink for washing, and a counter top where you can work comfortably especially when slicing and mixing things in preparation for the food. In addition, its counter tops have its own storage so as to avoid any mess in the kitchen and in the tear drop trailer in general.

The Possibilities of Expansion

Tear drop trailers is also able to add more space to its interior by extending the sides which is primarily for extra room to set up tents. This, as it may seem obvious, another space for sleeping if the bed is too cramped up or it is just your style to lie somewhere else other than the bed.

Additional purpose for these two extra spaces includes being a place for extra storage, a place where someone can be comfortable in taking a dump or a piss privately, and if you just need a little bit more room for you to stand on more comfortably. It just knows that that the possibility of more people joining in on the camping trip is a possibility especially those which who were not intended to come.

Connecting to different Sources has become a whole lot Easier

The tear drop trailer offers more than just certain comforts of living; it will totally redefine the home away from home experience. It also provides amenities which will make you feel like you are at home.

First it may already have an air conditioning unit in several parts of the trailer. This will allow for the people inside it to be comfortable and cool regardless of the time of the day. This can become very important during the summer season and times when the sun is just extremely hot. The climate and the weather have been very unpredictable recently no matter how reliable your source is. It always pay to be prepared or else suffer the consequences.

And running the air conditioning unit may have been difficult in the past, but this time, it is not. Just look for a power source within the vicinity of the camping grounds and plug it. Once the power kicks in the appliances which can be powered may be able to serve its purpose. But, if you cannot find anywhere to get the power source from, you may be able to attach it to the tear drop trailer’s battery and let it do its magic. You will have powered up appliances in no time.

There are many choices available in the American market. Just look around and you  may be able to find one that will suit you well.

Ideas for Less

One of the many ideas is to create a Unibody. This idea sprung to mind when the need to get a lighter vehicle for a cheaper price was in order. And this was the answer – making the frame and the body into one.

You may also make a ply-woodie. This will help in making it weigh less than what it already is. Using lightweight steel as frame, you attach the wood to this in order to form its body. But if you are willing to take in a few extra weight, you can make an all wood trailer using pressure treated pine and plywood.

If you do not have the mechanical know how in order to make one from scratch, a do it yourself kit is available at your own disposal. And remember to keep the body as close to the ground to create more efficiency.


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