Truck Camper Shells

Truck Camper Shells – What You Should Know

Truck camper shell is an accessory which is used in housing pick-up trucks for protection purposes. They are also called as topper or covers and rightfully so. It is usually used to cover the entire body of the pick up truck which creates a space large enough for a good number of individuals to sleep and go camping in.

If the topper or cover is too low for you, you do not have to worry because you may opt for the taller ones instead. Just know that these truck camper shells usually have the same height as the truck does. There are even those which cover the entirety of the top of the cab, which says a lot. It is ideal for those who are really are enthused with camping. With the help of truck camper shells, you may be able to sleep soundly at night with the safety you feel when at home and the comfort like it was your own.

Be Aware of its Features

Truck camper shells can be mad out of two materials. It could be either made out of fiberglass or aluminum.

Aluminum is the standard in the truck camper shell industry which is a good choice for those who are looking to just use it every once in a while. It is inexpensive and it is light as a feather; sometimes it feels like there is nothing there.

On the other hand, the ones made out of fiberglass are a bit more costly, basically because of the material it is made. Fiberglass is naturally expensive. It is especially made for stronger protection. And it perfectly fits your trailer, no matter how it is shaped. The price is worth it.

But if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, you can always choose a canvass as the topper of your truck camper. These are labeled as soft toppers.

The Benefits of Truck Camper Shells

A well built truck camper shell can go on a long way. It will be able to maximize its potential. When in top condition, it may be able to protect your truck from all kinds of condition that the weather can throw at you – a very heavy rain, very cold snow, the stinging rays of the sun, and a strong gush of wind.

In addition, it may also be able to protect certain things that may be inside the camper. Examples of these are the different bed frames and cargoes which are usually very fragile.

It may also help decrease the wind resistance of the vehicle. In return, it helps increase mileage while decreasing the amount of fuel that it consumes.

As an added bonus, it also enhances the look of the truck camper. It makes it makes it look more sleek and very interesting.

Keeping it in Top Shape

It is quite easy to maintain. It is cleaned everytime you clean the camper. It does not require that much special attention. But it is recommended that you check the foam seal every six months which require its removal from its installment. This is to make sure that it is in good condition which is particularly important because it protects you from different kinds of weather conditions, keeps the railing of the truck safe from any kind of damage.

Toppers are very durable and it can last longer than it is expected proper cleaning and good maintenance. A few checks here and there will always pay off in the long run.

Considerations when Buying Truck Caps

You should always try to look for the size that suits you well. Most of the time, a decision can be made according to the number of people that you plan on going out with. The larger the number, the higher top you might need.

The material from which it is made from is also crucial in the decision making process. It is always a toss up between aluminum and fiberglass. But a soft top can always be a good choice.

Installation is quite easy if you have the needed equipments you needed. If pre-built clamps and bolts are present then you do not have to worry much about its installation. But if it is not there, then you better purchase the needed materials before you mount the topper.

You security should always take top priority, so make sure that the mechanism necessary to ensure the security of the camper works perfectly.

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